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Los Angeles, also known as the entertainment capital of the world, is not only famous for its movie studios and red carpet events but also for its vibrant outdoor movie screening culture. As the warm summer nights roll in, Angelenos flock to various open-air venues across the city to enjoy classic films under the stars. If you’re looking to experience the magic of outdoor cinema in LA, here are some of the top spots to catch a movie al fresco.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

One of the most iconic and unique outdoor movie venues in LA is the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. This historic cemetery, resting place to many Hollywood legends, transforms into a movie theater on select evenings during the summer months. Moviegoers bring blankets, picnic baskets, and chairs to enjoy classic films projected onto a large screen set against the backdrop of the cemetery’s mausoleum. The experience of watching a movie under the twinkling stars surrounded by the resting places of stars like Rudolph Valentino and Douglas Fairbanks is truly unforgettable.

Rooftop Cinema Club

For those who prefer a more modern outdoor movie-watching experience, the Rooftop Cinema Club offers an elevated (literally) experience. With multiple locations across the city, including rooftops in Hollywood, Downtown LA, and the Westside, Rooftop Cinema Club provides a luxurious setting for movie lovers to enjoy their favorite films with stunning views of the city skyline as the backdrop. Comfortable deck chairs, wireless headphones, and a curated selection of classic and contemporary films make this outdoor movie screening experience a favorite among Angelenos.

Electric Dusk Drive-In

If you’re a fan of the nostalgic drive-in movie experience, look no further than Electric Dusk Drive-In. Located in Downtown LA, this outdoor movie venue offers a classic drive-in setup where moviegoers can tune in to the film’s audio through their car radios. With a large screen, retro concession stand, and a lineup of cult classics and family-friendly films, Electric Dusk Drive-In provides a fun and nostalgic movie-watching experience for all ages.

Barnsdall Art Park

For a more laid-back outdoor movie experience, head to Barnsdall Art Park in Hollywood. This park hosts outdoor movie nights during the summer, where visitors can spread out on the grass with blankets and enjoy a film under the stars. With the iconic Hollyhock House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright as a backdrop, movie nights at Barnsdall Art Park offer a serene and picturesque setting for cinephiles to enjoy a movie in the open air.

Cinespia at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Another must-visit outdoor movie screening location at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery is Cinespia. This popular summer event series combines classic films, live music, and DJ sets to create a festive and communal movie-watching experience. Moviegoers can enjoy picnicking on the cemetery grounds before settling in to watch a movie projected onto a large mausoleum wall. With screenings of beloved films like “The Goonies” and “Clueless,” Cinespia at Hollywood Forever Cemetery is a quintessential LA summer activity.

In Conclusion

Outdoor movie screenings in LA offer a unique and memorable way to enjoy classic and contemporary films in a variety of settings, from historic cemeteries to rooftop venues. Whether you’re looking for a nostalgic drive-in experience or a luxurious rooftop setting, the city has something to offer every movie lover. So grab your popcorn, find a cozy spot under the stars, and immerse yourself in the magic of outdoor cinema in the entertainment capital of the world.

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